Transform your kitchen into a stunning space with these unique and distinctive modern kitchen cabinet design ideas! Say goodbye to dull and dated kitchen cabinets and give your room an instant style refresh with new kitchen cabinet colour trends. From sleek and minimalist to cool and contemporary, these designs will elevate your kitchen with a timeless yet fashionable new look.

Open Shelves with Statement Lighting 

Instantly add style to your kitchen with open shelves! Think beyond traditional upper cabinets and opt for open shelving, letting the walls be the statement piece in this design. Style your shelves with unique decorative items such as modern art pieces or pot plants. Top it off with stylish statement pendant lighting to add a luxurious touch of detail. New two-toned kitchen cabinet colour trends make a bold but elegant statement.

Colourful Cabinets 

Brighten up your kitchen with vibrant and colourful cabinets. Bright colours pair nicely with the contemporary feel of stainless steel appliances and countertops. Get creative with various styles from sleek and minimal handles to traditional or colourful knobs—the possibilities are endless when transforming your boring cabinets into something interesting.

Try Metal 

To give your space a modern industrial look, consider metal cabinets and drawers! Metal cabinets come in various colours, styles and finishes to match the overall aesthetic of any kitchen. From brushed copper to stainless steel, choose from unique metals that add sophistication and elegance while still being low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Sustainability in the Home

One trend to watch out for in kitchen cabinetry in 2023 is using sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled plastic. Natural woods are also making a comeback, as well as open shelving designs to create an airy and modern look. 

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Design

Another popular option is two-tone cabinets featuring light and dark colours for an eclectic statement. Matte finishes, metallic hardware, minimalistic designs, and mixed materials are also great ways to make your kitchen stand out.

Eclectic Kitchen Backsplashes

From Mediterranean tile to sleek stainless steel, there are plenty of kitchen backsplash ideas available for any cabinetry style, from modern to traditional. If you’re looking for a new way to add life, personality and pizzazz to your kitchen space, try on-trend backsplash ideas that your kitchen remodellers can easily customize based on your existing cabinetry and decor.

Create an Unusual Focal Point With a Unique Installation

Take cabinet design to the next level by creating a unique focal point with an impressive installation. This could mean featuring a particular one-of-a-kind piece of furniture or an unexpected addition like frosted glass walls, shelving that networks around corners, distressed wood finishes, or open storage for collector’s items. These random details add visual interest to your modern kitchen cabinets and stand out.

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From luxurious industrial kitchens to gorgeous farmhouse-style kitchens, these designs will inspire you to create your own dream million-dollar kitchen. Modern kitchens are designed for convenience and efficiency, and often feature sleek appliances and large spaces that allow for easy access to food preparation. Upgrade your home with these modern kitchen ideas. 

Uplevel a Modern Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

A farmhouse-style kitchen remains one of the most popular styles of contemporary kitchens this year because of its rustic charm and timeless appeal. While farmhouse kitchens have been around for several years now, they are still very popular, especially among homeowners who enjoy bringing nature and outdoor life into their home. Upgrading your lighting design, installing gorgeous new cabinets, and replacing mass-produced decor with original artisanal pieces are some modern kitchen ideas that add a little posh to your space. 

Opulent and Industrial

Industrial design kitchens have worn concrete floors, exposed brick walls, and stainless steel smart appliances. They also tend to feature large windows, with urban lofts showcasing a gorgeous view of city life. Some other popular features of an industrial kitchen include: 

  • Metal floor lamps
  • Toned-down colours
  • Metal fixtures in black steel, brass, and copper
  • Bar stools
  • Leather furniture
  • Energy-efficient stainless steel appliances

 While transforming a traditional kitchen into a true modern industrial can be quite a feat – you can accomplish a similar look via a professional remodel. You may need to rethink the overall kitchen layout. Replace flooring and change out old cabinets with sleek new ones. Sit with a seasoned designer and discuss how you can transform your kitchen into a truly unique space. 

Minimalism in Your Kitchen

Today’s contemporary kitchen has a clean, minimalist feel. It features handcrafted white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and sleek countertops. Keep colours to a minimum. A popular new take is a two-toned kitchen. Go with ebony and ivory, or try a dark navy and cream look for something different. Minimalism is about simplicity, reducing clutter, and embracing wide, open eating area.

An Elegant Country Space

Maybe you enjoy the comfort of a more traditional kitchen but want a truly impressive kitchen. Update a traditional country kitchen with custom rustic woodwork, large stone fireplaces, and exposed beams. Replace broken cabinets and cracked countertops with gorgeous natural wood. Add custom lighting and add custom window treatments to let in more natural light. Keep decor to a minimum – tasteful and elegant. Sprigs of spring flowers and small pottery made by local artisans will give your space a beautiful yet simple authentic touch. 

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For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And it’s where you spend most of your day. So why shouldn’t it be beautiful? Traditional kitchens, with the use of natural wood and elements and traditional kitchen pantry cabinet design, are still the preferred style on many new buyer’s lists. These styles can bring in the rustic country, old world, or eclectic influences. The overall feel of the space is warmly inviting and homey. This type of design is often found in older homes and it is ideal for families with children.

The Timeless Nature of Wood Cabinetry

Wood has been one of the most popular options for creating kitchens because it is durable and attractive. Traditional kitchens often use other natural products such as wood, stone, brick, tile and metal. Modern kitchens are sometimes built around technology and the latest appliances. A traditional kitchen may have an oak kitchen pantry cabinet and the original wood flooring. However, the focal point of the traditional kitchen is in the detail. This might include imperfections in the material or design elements like moulding, crown moulding, baseboards, doorways and gorgeous cabinets.

Most Popular Types of Wood for Your Traditional Kitchen

The three main types of wood used for kitchen cabinets include oak, maple, and birch. Oak is generally considered the strongest wood for kitchen cabinets. Birch is similar to pine, but slightly softer, making it less likely to splinter. Maple is soft and easy to work with. Also known as black walnut, hardwood walnut is very dense and strong, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications such as kitchen cabinets. If you want to know more about the right type of materials for your kitchen remodel, please call our design team at Bertone Woodworking. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. 

Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Style Right for You

What type of cabinet should you install in your home? There are many different types of cabinets that you can choose from. Here are some examples:

  • Closet cabinetry – This style of cabinet is designed to fit into a closet. A closet cabinet is typically tall and narrow.
  • Drop-front cabinets – These cabinets drop down from the wall and open up. This style of cabinet is great for small spaces and it provides easy access to items stored inside.
  • Double door cabinets – These cabinets come with two doors. One side opens up while the other closes. You can store things inside that don’t require much space.
  • French door cabinets – These cabinets have one sliding door and one fixed door. Both sides open up.

Installing New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The hardware on cabinets ranges from simple to elaborate. It can be uniform to perfectly complement the cabinetry or it can be ornate, matching the cabinet doors and drawers, or perhaps it matches the accents on the countertops. It could be silver, brass, or wood. Or something else entirely. Whatever you choose, it needs to be complementary to the rest of the kitchen. We have a wide range of hardware options at Bertone Woodworking. 

When you want the best kitchen cabinetry for your home, please call the experts at Bertone Woodworking. We would love to work with you. 


Be inspired to reinvent your kitchen. From open concept cabinets in your kitchen to luxurious double kitchen islands, discover the layout that meets your needs. You deserve a space that is both functional and beautiful. Cabinets in the kitchen don’t need to be traditional and boring. Think innovation. The kitchen is for more than food prep and cooking. The kitchen serves as the gathering place for your family, a place to entertain friends and make new memories. Designers today look toward the future and multifunctionality with today’s top trending kitchen layout designs. Read on to find out more about the top trending layouts this year. 

Open Design Kitchens That Don’t Look Like Kitchens

One of the top trending layouts this year is kitchens that no longer look like kitchens. Think of disappearing cabinets in the kitchen, installing sleek built-in stoves, and utilizing an island that doubles as an eating area. Spaces are open, with plenty of accessible room. Hide away custom cabinets and storage. Leave the kitchen looking sleek and modern, with an elegant timeless aesthetic. 

The Multifunctional Space

Transforming our homes into beautiful multifunctional spaces is one of the long-lasting impacts of the pandemic and lockdown. With so many families spending a lot of time working and at play in their homes, finding ways to change our homes to accommodate our new lifestyle became necessary. The kitchen is no different. Some ways to transform your kitchen layout this year include: 

  • Installing a small breakfast nook
  • Adding space for studying or work
  • Custom kitchen islands with hidden storage space
  • Seating with built-in storage
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart speakers and appliances
  • Coffee station

With many of us working from home and just spending more time in the kitchen, finding ways to increase the usage of your kitchen makes life a little more convenient. 

Luxury Butler’s Pantry and Food Prep Station

If you have the space, converting a side closet or pantry into a full butler’s pantry will add extra functionality and storage. Use the butler’s pantry for food preparation, as a beverage station, or for storing your expensive dishware. 

Adding a Lounge Area

Want more than just a breakfast bar? Try a lounge area. Convert a corner of the kitchen into a delightful space for eating, coffee, or just relaxation. Install corner seating and a small custom table with soft lighting. Enjoy reading, working, or just taking in some morning tea in your comfy lounge space. 

The L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

While traditional, the L-shaped kitchen layout remains one of the most popular layouts for today’s modern kitchen. Easily move between work zones. For a variation, combine a portable kitchen island into the layout. The L-Shaped kitchen works for nearly any size home. 

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Finding the right bathroom vanity doesn’t need to be difficult. Whether you want a gorgeous luxury vanity for a master bathroom or need an accessible customized vanity, choosing the right style matters. Some of this year’s top trending bathroom designs include gorgeous double-sink vanities and uniquely shaped customization, as well as selecting high-end materials and luxury wood. Make the most of your beautiful new bathroom remodel with a high-end luxury vanity. 

How Do I Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity for Me?

You have to consider several key factors before deciding on the right bathroom vanity. One of the biggest factors in deciding on a vanity is your bathroom’s available space. While there are many exciting bathroom design ideas, not all work in every space. Some factors to consider:

  • Is the bathroom space unusually shaped?
  • Do you need to worry about accessibility?
  • Are you replacing cabinets and other fixtures? 
  • Will you require customization?
  • How large is the space?
  • Are you rebuilding over an existing vanity?
  • Do you want to accommodate children?
  • Do you have space for a double sink?
  • What dimensions do you need?

You want to avoid installing a vanity that overpowers your bathroom or causes it to become cramped. Your vanity needs to fit the size of the bathroom. If you have a family bathroom, you may need to accommodate children or an elderly family member with lower cabinets. Do you want extra storage? Or space for makeup and hair supplies? Speak with your bathroom remodel designer about what size vanity works best for your sized bathroom. 

What Type of Mount Should I Choose?

Choose from three different types of vanities: wall-mounted, corner, and freestanding. Freestanding vanities don’t require special installation. Most vanities are freestanding. You might choose a professionally installed wall-mounted vanity. A corner sink makes the most of small spaces and allows for more room in cramped bathrooms. 

Top Trending Vanity Styles

Contemporary vanities have a sleek minimalist look, with few details and seamless under-mounted sinks. Vessel sinks have also seen some popularity recently. No matter the style, homeowners appreciate vanities that allow for hidden storage and maximize the overall bathroom space. Additional custom lighting adds timeless elegance and brightens the room considerably. 

Brighten Up the Space

Some traditional vanities incorporate a variety of custom lighting options that are somewhat outdated. Contemporary lighting offers a bright option that makes the bathroom seem more spacious but in a less obtrusive way. Keep the look elegant and subtle. 

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It’s time to update your bathroom. Skip out on minimalism and embrace a new love of textures, unique materials, and elegance. This year’s hottest trends will transform a boring bathroom into an inner oasis where you can relax. So find the best bathroom remodelers in the GTA and get ready to innovate. 

Top Bathroom Texture Ideas in 2022

Minimalist bathrooms of the past consisted of monochromatic neutral tones, sleek lines, and simplicity. Spice up your bathroom with new trends that include texture wall coverings and gorgeous jewel tones. The best bathroom remodelers can help you install on-trend designs like terrazzo sinks, light pink vanities, Old World bathtubs, and uniquely patterned wallpaper.  Texture and complexity have incredible popularity. Showcase your unique style. Make a bold statement. Accent walls with unique Greek patterns and spiral designs. Experiment with bold colours and unusual materials. Combine unusual patterns with natural tones. Make a unique statement. 

Consider these popular contemporary bathroom design ideas

  • Exposed metal pipes with energetic floral wallpaper designs
  • Greek key patterns with a marble sink 
  • Mauve countertops with neutral tones spiral wallpaper
  • Striking floor-to-ceiling black subway tiles with white shiplap
  • Popping kelly green cabinets with live plants and dual mirrors 
  • Industrial copper plumbing paired with gorgeous marine blue
  • Geometric floor designs and patterned tile accents
  • Artistic Moroccon backsplash and tile
  • Custom-designed black-and-white subway tile patterns

Chat with your bathroom designer about what exciting textures and patterns can liven up your bathroom space. With limitless ideas, transform your space into the bathroom you always dreamed of. 

Popular Bathroom Colours

Jewel tones remain a popular choice for bathrooms this year as well as bold dramatic colours. Consider abandoning the greys and neutral tones of the past and instead opt for making an exciting change:

  • Dramatic black
  • Earthy tones
  • Kelly green
  • Gorgeous mauve
  • Luxurious jewel tones
  • Marine blue or duck egg blue
  • Copper 
  • Black and white Art Deco
  • Rose pink

Adding a pop of colour to your bathroom can be as simple as adding bright patterned wallpaper, remodelling your bathroom to showcase copper piping, or installing a beautiful rose pink countertop. Consider adding some pop with jewel-covered vanities or charcoal black bathroom cabinets. Work with your designer to find the right design for you. 

Bathroom Sinks

During a bathroom remodel, choosing the right sink makes a big difference. The bathroom sink provides both aesthetic beauty and functionality. With so many options, you need to consider which bathroom sink style fits your family’s needs best. Do you want a double sink, a vessel sink, a wall-mounted sink, or a vanity sink? Pedestal sinks have regained some popularity although they lack storage. Consider if you need extra storage space and how deep a sink you want. Will you need custom bathroom cabinets? Traditional porcelain sinks have maintained popularity for many, many years for both durability and classic style. Marble remains a classic luxurious material for master bathrooms. This year’s rectangular basin sinks bring a contemporary touch to your bathroom. Find the right sink for you.

When you need to transform your bathroom contact Bertone Woodworking for the best in design. Our seasoned design team will partner with you to create the bathroom you always wanted. Contact us today. We would be ready to help you build the bathroom of your dreams.