It’s time to update your bathroom. Skip out on minimalism and embrace a new love of textures, unique materials, and elegance. This year’s hottest trends will transform a boring bathroom into an inner oasis where you can relax. So find the best bathroom remodelers in the GTA and get ready to innovate. 

Top Bathroom Texture Ideas in 2022

Minimalist bathrooms of the past consisted of monochromatic neutral tones, sleek lines, and simplicity. Spice up your bathroom with new trends that include texture wall coverings and gorgeous jewel tones. The best bathroom remodelers can help you install on-trend designs like terrazzo sinks, light pink vanities, Old World bathtubs, and uniquely patterned wallpaper.  Texture and complexity have incredible popularity. Showcase your unique style. Make a bold statement. Accent walls with unique Greek patterns and spiral designs. Experiment with bold colours and unusual materials. Combine unusual patterns with natural tones. Make a unique statement. 

Consider these popular contemporary bathroom design ideas

  • Exposed metal pipes with energetic floral wallpaper designs
  • Greek key patterns with a marble sink 
  • Mauve countertops with neutral tones spiral wallpaper
  • Striking floor-to-ceiling black subway tiles with white shiplap
  • Popping kelly green cabinets with live plants and dual mirrors 
  • Industrial copper plumbing paired with gorgeous marine blue
  • Geometric floor designs and patterned tile accents
  • Artistic Moroccon backsplash and tile
  • Custom-designed black-and-white subway tile patterns

Chat with your bathroom designer about what exciting textures and patterns can liven up your bathroom space. With limitless ideas, transform your space into the bathroom you always dreamed of. 

Popular Bathroom Colours

Jewel tones remain a popular choice for bathrooms this year as well as bold dramatic colours. Consider abandoning the greys and neutral tones of the past and instead opt for making an exciting change:

  • Dramatic black
  • Earthy tones
  • Kelly green
  • Gorgeous mauve
  • Luxurious jewel tones
  • Marine blue or duck egg blue
  • Copper 
  • Black and white Art Deco
  • Rose pink

Adding a pop of colour to your bathroom can be as simple as adding bright patterned wallpaper, remodelling your bathroom to showcase copper piping, or installing a beautiful rose pink countertop. Consider adding some pop with jewel-covered vanities or charcoal black bathroom cabinets. Work with your designer to find the right design for you. 

Bathroom Sinks

During a bathroom remodel, choosing the right sink makes a big difference. The bathroom sink provides both aesthetic beauty and functionality. With so many options, you need to consider which bathroom sink style fits your family’s needs best. Do you want a double sink, a vessel sink, a wall-mounted sink, or a vanity sink? Pedestal sinks have regained some popularity although they lack storage. Consider if you need extra storage space and how deep a sink you want. Will you need custom bathroom cabinets? Traditional porcelain sinks have maintained popularity for many, many years for both durability and classic style. Marble remains a classic luxurious material for master bathrooms. This year’s rectangular basin sinks bring a contemporary touch to your bathroom. Find the right sink for you.

When you need to transform your bathroom contact Bertone Woodworking for the best in design. Our seasoned design team will partner with you to create the bathroom you always wanted. Contact us today. We would be ready to help you build the bathroom of your dreams. 


Ready to remodel your outdated kitchen? The newest kitchen trends in 2022 bring back some popular styles from the past like Minimalism but also have some new ideas like the statement island. When you reinvent your kitchen, you want to choose trends that last. Time to be inspired.  

The Statement Island 

This new trend combines the traditional functional kitchen island with bold new colors. Choose a bold cherry red or orange countertop or Mexican tiles. Mix and match colors with your kitchen cabinets. Let your island make a bold statement. Believe it or not, the double island has also topped the newest kitchen trends for 2022. Instead of having one long kitchen island be the main focus of your cooking space, have two smaller islands. Two islands give you versatility. For example, use one for food prep and the other as a breakfast nook. Push them together for a larger workspace.  

Natural Cabinets 

With so many of us spending much more time inside our homes, using more organic and natural materials has become popular. Whether installing larger windows for more natural light or adding vibrant houseplants throughout the kitchen, homeowners have tried to make their space more pleasant and calming.   

When you remodel your kitchen, consider installing gorgeous natural woods instead of manufactured materials. Choose woods like dark oak or walnut. Walnut cabinets have a gorgeous deep color that works well with most surfaces. Speak with our professional design team at Bertone Woodworking about which cabinets would work best with your vision. You deserve a beautiful kitchen.  

Mixing and Layering 

While Minimalist kitchens still have some popularity in 2022, most homeowners want to add a little bit of their unique style. Maybe you want to add some bold color or quirky patterns. Mix materials like stone, wood, cement, and metal. Create unique spaces with handcrafted art or unique photography. Add a flair for the Mediterranean or French. Add your own unique custom details to make your kitchen truly your own special space.  

Experiment with furniture and kitchen cabinets. Two-toned cabinets give the room a unique pop. Layering unique patterns throughout your kitchen gives the space rich color and interest. Combine accent lighting with unique pieces, different furniture, and a contemporary touch. Don’t forget bold colors to contrast neutral tones.  


Yes, we said that minimalist kitchens still have popularity in 2022. But no wonder. The classic simple style has elegance and a sleek design that is timeless. If you want to resell your home in the near future, a minimalist kitchen with neutral tones and simple décor will increase your home value. In fact, when new buyers walk into your home, the kitchen often sells the house.  

Whether you want to try new bold styles or something more traditional, the experts at Bertone Woodworking are happy to help you. With decades of experience, we have a reputation for fine handiwork and perfect design. Contact us today.  


Are you tired of your cramped kitchen? Reinvent your tiny kitchen space with these upcoming trends. When you think about home improvement and kitchen remodelling, think beyond painting and replacing appliances. You want to transform the space into something functional and aesthetically pleasing. Check out these incredible design trends for 2022. 

Innovative Spacious Storage Solutions 

What makes a kitchen seem small? Clutter! Endless clutter, piles of dishes, and trash can make any space uncomfortable and just plain ugly. Installing modern storage solutions like spacious kitchen cabinets, hidden storage nooks, and a modern kitchen island gives you the functionality you need. Not sure which option will be best for your home improvement? Speak with our experts at Bertone Woodworking. We will be happy to help you find the ideal storage solutions perfect for you. 

Pretty in Pink 

Believe it or not, this year bright colours like Himalayan Sea Salt Pink inspire new ideas in the kitchen. Imagine a gorgeous artistic rose-pink backsplash accented by printed wallpaper and custom cream cabinets. Simply breathtaking! Accent with bright green houseplants and unique photos to complete the look.  

Let There Be Light 

Want to make a small space look spacious? Add lighting! Natural lighting will be the best option. Let in natural light through an oversized window. Replace any dark curtains with sheer ones that allow sunlight into the room. Add smart lighting to customize brightness depending on the time of day. Look into options like chandeliers. Bring in the light to expand a space.  

Embrace Nature 

Is your kitchen dated, with old vintage cabinets, cracked flooring, and old laminate surfaces? It’s time to bring in the beautiful. Embrace the organic and natural. Replace old cabinets with gorgeous modern wooden ones. Opt for natural wood finishes and paint tones like sea green or robin egg blue. Both of these colours bring calm and happiness to a room. By bringing nature into your kitchen space, you embrace an inspiring aesthetic that will bring you joy. Talk with our designers about our impressive selection of beautiful countertop surfaces. Finally, carefully place deep green houseplants or compact indoor herb gardens. Find your inner solace in your kitchen.  

Beautify Your Home with Custom Cabinets 

At Bertone Woodworking we provide superior workmanship. Our customer service is unparalleled. When you meet with us, we will discuss how you can make the most of your small kitchen. We work with every homeowner, no matter the budget.  Our woodwork brings warmth and comfort to the kitchen space. We specialize both in traditional and modern designs. For two decades we have helped homeowners realize the kitchen of their dreams.  

Call us today. We will be happy to help you every step of the way through your kitchen remodel. We do work in millwork, woodworking, custom cabinet design, bathroom remodelling, and solid surface countertops. Our design team uses the latest in 3D kitchen design modelling to help you truly visualize your home remodel. Contact us. We are excited to work with you. 


Your new kitchen remodel will make you happy with these exciting custom ideas trending in 2022. Don’t worry if you don’t even know where to start, or even where to buy kitchen cabinets. We broke down the most popular ideas for contemporary kitchens just for you. Discover exciting innovative ideas that will give your space the dream kitchen you always wanted.  

The Butler’s Pantry 

One of this year’s top custom ideas is the butler’s pantry. Inspired by centuries ago storage ideas, today’s butler’s pantries have a modern touch with customized cabinets, beautiful craftsmanship, and wonderful kitchen storage. Use modern storage systems to declutter your home. Some butler’s pantries include a handy food preparation area, a coffee station, or convenient wine storage. If you want to know where to buy kitchen cabinets ideal for your customized kitchen remodel, call Bertone Woodworking. We will help you build the ideal cabinetry and storage for your pantry.  

This space can also double as a dish pantry, a prep pantry, or even a multi-use space for doing schoolwork. Usually, these pantries are situated in a hidden renovated closet space or just right off the kitchen. The walk-in space has everything from silverware and costly glassware to a sink and linens. Talk with your remodelling team about how you can build a butler’s pantry into your home. Some key elements might include:  

  • Custom cabinets with both ribbed glass fronts and frame-and-panel 
  • Hidden storage 
  • Brass bin pulls 
  • Metal fixtures 
  • Smart lighting 
  • Butcher block prep station 
  • Minimalist backsplash 
  • Prep sink 
  • Small appliances 
  • Simple low maintenance flooring 
  • Natural light 

Each pantry will have its own unique style. As they are hidden spaces, the overall look remains simple, usually a creamy white or neutral tone. Keep the décor simple and practical. 

Food Prep Pantries 

With the pandemic, many families found the value in storing up dried goods and food storage. Food pantries doubling as prep pantries have become wildly popular in 2022. Even if your home does not have traditional walk-in pantry space, you can remodel a storage area with custom cabinets to accommodate bulk storage.  

Often food prep pantries have highly organized shelving. They might have upper cabinets, vertical slots for quick storage, and even space for a refrigerator. Your pantry is more than a place to stuff bags of flour or canned goods. Be sure to be organized and plan out what you wish to store. Then speak with our experts at Bertone Woodworking about how we can help accommodate your storage needs with custom cabinetry. 

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets 

Another popular style for 2022 is two-toned cabinets. Homeowners love the unique look they give to a space. Opt for something striking like white upper cabinets and black lower cabinets. Combine the colour schemes with the backsplash, flooring, and accents. Experiment with popular tones like olive green, sunshine yellow, or sky blue. You will be amazed at how beautiful two-toned cabinets can be. 

Call Bertone Woodworking for All Your Cabinetry Needs 

With decades of experience in excellent craftsmanship, Bertone Woodworking can help you with your kitchen remodel needs. Contact us today. We will be happy to help you. 


Many homeowners find planning a kitchen remodel difficult. Why? With so many decisions, homeowners may not know which newest kitchen trends fit their lifestyle best or which materials work well together in the kitchen. Trends change rapidly. However, all styles come back at some point. Oak kitchen cabinets are definitely making a comeback. 

The Warmth and Authenticity of Natural Wood 

Today’s kitchens come in a variety of styles: mid-century modern, contemporary, traditional, minimalist, and more. In the early 2000s oak lost popularity as the newest kitchen trends of the time like granite countertops clashed with oak. In fact, many homeowners found oak a remnant of the 1990s and steered clear of oak when remodelling their kitchen. However, this year oak has returned.  

Natural woods have gorgeous warmth and authenticity. Many homeowners stuck at home for a long period during the pandemic prefer to bring the beauty of nature into the home. Oak cabinets today have an updated look that works well with any home décor. The organic beauty of oak truly brings forward an aesthetic that truly brings a familiar comfort to your kitchen space.  

Oak kitchen cabinets have a gorgeous visible grain perfect for farmhouse and traditional kitchens. The beautiful knotholes and distinct variations give the wood a distinctive look. Cabinets come in both white oak and red oak. The neutral tone goes with nearly every colour, giving a distinct timeless look to your home. 

Elegant Durability 

Unlike other materials like maple, oak has impressive durability. Oak cabinets have strength and hardness that last for decades, even in humid climates. If your home has high humidity, oak cabinets may be the right material to prevent unsightly warping. Also, avoid ugly dings and scratches. Dense oak cabinets make it much heavier than many hardwoods. This leads to a heaviness which can make installation more difficult. However, this density creates durability well worth it.  

An Affordable Choice 

Durable, elegant, and timeless, surprisingly oak cabinetry has a moderate price range. A kitchen remodel with this hardwood will be less expensive than a choice like cherry or maple cabinets. For price-conscious homeowners looking to add a warm natural look to their kitchen space, oak cabinets offer the perfect blend of strength and practicality. Add considerable value to your home with a caringly crafted kitchen. 

Contact Bertone Woodworking Today 

When you need to find the right kitchen cabinetry for your kitchen remodel, look no further than Bertone Woodworking. With decades of experience, our professional team will be happy to help you find the right materials and styles for your budget and lifestyle. We offer an impressive collection of custom kitchen designs, solid surface countertops, and high-quality woodworking. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you. See your ideas come to life when you partner with Bertone Custom Cabinetry. Call us today. 


The last two years have taxed us all. Embrace fun and vibrant living with exciting kitchen designs of 2022. What colours are the hottest this year? Our design team put together a list for you. You deserve an exciting kitchen space. The kitchen often serves as the heart of your home. Make it a welcome gorgeous space with these exciting colour trends. You will be amazed at what a simple switch of colours can do! 

Go Green! 

Yes, green is in! This year’s top colour incorporates the outdoors and nature. What kitchen designs in 2022 should you try? Here are a few:  

  • Add plant life and foliage to your space 
  • Build custom cabinets in popular greens like ivy or evergreen 
  • Choose deeper green tones for a more dramatic look 
  • Incorporate chairs, a kitchen island, or fixtures in green tones 
  • Both Evergreen Fog and October Mist remain this year’s top colors 
  • Add dark green backsplashes and accessories 
  • Incorporate natural materials and woodworking to compliment kitchen colors 

Green evokes peace and joy. Believe it or not, when our brain sees green, we feel a sense of happiness. With so many of us unable to travel, having a little bit of the outdoors in our kitchen brings much-needed joy and calm.  

Be Bold with Black Colors 

For many years white and neutral tones dominated kitchen trends. This year go bold with black tones. From black appliances to dark cabinets, opt for the dramatic in your life. Not only that but black backdrops and accents add a touch of luxury and elegance to any kitchen. Ask our team at Bertone Woodworking about our special options for cabinetry and fixtures.  

The Two-Tone Kitchen 

Not sure if you want to revamp the entire kitchen in one tone? Try two-tone kitchen cabinets. They add a beautiful ambiance and can easily accentuate your modern kitchen. Look for something new and exciting.  

Mediterranean Tones 

Accentuate natural wood materials and woodworking with colours evoked from the Mediterranean. Bring in gorgeous yellows, bold red, and green. Combine custom cabinetry and bold colour to enliven the space.  

Calming Blue 

Deep blue remains a popular tone for this year. Find a number of ways to incorporate blue into your home:  

  • Glass kitchen cabinets showcasing blue dinnerware and knick-knacks 
  • Ocean blue backsplash 
  • Custom cabinets in an array of blue tones 
  • Accentuate with white or black for a two-tone look 
  • Compliment with gorgeous paintings or photos of the ocean  
  • Create a seaside feel with beach elements 
  • Add custom blue lighting for dinner entertaining 

The colour blue brings calm to any kitchen. The colour has unique versatility, fitting in well with both vintage and contemporary looks.  

Call us at Bertone Woodworking today to discuss how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. We have an experienced team of friendly professionals ready to help you. Please call us today.