Wooden Furniture Ideas for Your Bedroom
Wooden Furniture Ideas for Your Bedroom

When you enter your master bedroom, it should feel like home. One way you can transform your bedroom space is through wooden furniture. The deep, brown colors of choosing the fitting room turn your bedroom space into what feels like a ski lodge. After a full day of work, you deserve a space that feels comfortable. Below, we will show you what bedroom furniture items you can start with.

Furniture Item #1: The Bed

A wooden bed frame is an undisputed king of creating your rustic bedrooms. An un-upholstered headboard with deep, mahogany coloring brings you back to a simpler time. 

A canopy bed with these colors also evokes a certain level of comfort. With a complete dark furniture setup, you’ll feel a bit sleepy entering your room. Canopy beds are a form of a four-poster bed, typically only seen in old-fashioned applications. 

You might also consider a pull-down bed, giving your bedroom a transformative effect. That way, you can use your limited space to transform your bed space from a sleeping area to a reading area. 

Furniture Item #2: Bedside Tables

Even against a back-end white palette, a dark-brown bedside table screams about a log cabin feel. These rich shades can act as the accent you need in your room to give you that log cabin feels. 

The distressed wood look can provide excellent benefits to your bedside tables. Part of that rustic bedroom appearance comes back to it looking a bit imperfect, making it perfect for some. 

“Furniture Item” #3: Wood Paneling For Your Walls

While not technically furniture, wood panel walls are an excellent way to create the classic bedroom feeling. This is a classic look that you can modify with a modern twist when it comes to bedroom decorating. 

One bedroom paint idea you can take is choosing an alternate color to the wood. A deep blue color might create a unique feeling while maintaining the overall rustic vibe. 

Some people choose the attic bedroom concept with two-tone walls. Regardless of what you choose, it’s vital to pick a bedroom personality that works for your needs. So look around at image galleries to see what appeals to you. 

Furniture Item #4: A Bookcase

A bookcase is not typically part of a bedroom, but it is ideal if you want to create a no-tech zone that helps you sleep. While you never want to read in your bed ether, having bedroom seating still encourages a relaxing space. 

The bookcase doesn’t even have to be huge. You can have a small one that doubles as a nightstand. Keep around books that you know will help you get in a restful state. Noting too intense or emotionally charged if you can help it. 


Any furniture in your room is an ideal choice for that rustic appearance. Having real wooden furniture in your bedroom is classic and attractive, giving you many reasons to keep it around. Contact our staff at Bertone Woodworking to see what custom woodworking projects we can help you with. 

Best Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2022
Best Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2022

Bathroom vanities are a central part of your home. Their main focus makes them a primary target in bathroom design. So when looking up the latest design trends regarding this topic, you will find a lot of potential. Below, we will go through the best bathroom vanity trends for 2022.

#1: Open Shelves

The bottom half of the bathroom vanity always gives way to a sink container. However, the area below is a solid portion, typically with no purpose.

Open shelving exists to create a more breathable experience to address this unused space. That way, your master bathrooms don’t look like they have a solid block in one corner of the room. 

The “openness” also expands to upper portions of shelving. Sinks are relegated to small parts of the upper half of the bathroom, giving a breathable look to the entire vanity.

#2: Floating Vanities

Another option to encourage the “open-air” approach is taking away support. Floating vanities have the same appeal as floating stairs, appealing to modern sentiment.

The sleek look makes your bathroom look more like an art piece. But you still have usability with these floating design elements, providing under-the-counter storage.

#3: Double Vanities

Double vanities are when you smack two sinks into a wide vanity. You will need square footage to leverage this popular choice, but it does give you a personal sink. 

This design choice is more than a “his and hers” ordeal. Still, the “we made it” feeling is a big part of why people choose to convert their bathroom space with an extra sink. 

#4: Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are those sitting on top of the bathroom. These are great for two reasons:

  • It provides you with a unique sink design
  • You can leverage extra bathroom cabinet space

The design is awe-inspiring, being reminiscent of the old-fashioned powder rooms. You will often find them in tandem with the grey, neutral colors of stone, or modernist designs. 

You don’t get fancier than vessel sinks in a grey, modern bathroom. 

#5 Touchless Faucets

We might be breaking the rules a bit by focusing more on the faucet. However, the desire for motion-sensitive technology is apparent. 

The feeling of waving your hands in front of a department store bathroom sink and getting sprayed with warm water is lovely. Plus, it means fewer fingerprints on their surfaces. So why not bring it home?

Touchless faucets prevent you from having to leave the house to get this thrill. Among bathroom remodel options, it is more excellent than you think.

A similar application comes to mind when you think of the popularity of smart homes. Being able to bring up your bathroom lights and activate your faucet while only using your hands to touch the door is a pretty cool feeling. 

Final Thoughts

As 2021 comes to a close, we look back to the bathroom updates that never got done. Thankfully, new bathroom ideas are coming out all the time, making it great for this upcoming renovation season.

To get a vanity in your home, contact our team at Bertone Woodworking today. 

The Best Cabinet Colors For A Warm Kitchen
The Best Cabinet Colors For A Warm Kitchen

When creating a warm space, there are many cabinet colors to select. However, not all colors in your kitchen will create that cozy atmosphere you are looking for.

If your goal is to create a warm feeling in your kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the best colors you can pick to enhance a warm kitchen.

Color #1: Oak and Mahogany Cabinets

The first color (more of a material) worth mentioning is the classic oak or mahogany feel. These colors of cabinets are traditional, making them often usable in rustic kitchens.

These deep colors are best at absorbing natural light, creating a dark space. For kitchens with a good deal of space, it can help you step away from the “bathroom-like” appearance that comes with tile and other white options.

You should likely avoid painting the walls this color, as it may detract from the brightness of your kitchen. Making a room seem small with warmer colors is suitable mainly if you have abnormally large rooms.

Color #2: Off-White Colors (for Your Walls)

“Off White” is a color scheme popularized by major paint providers like Benjamin Moore. It is called as such because it is close to white but typically mixes with warm undertones.

These neutral tones make them suitable for blending with darker parts of your kitchen. For example, if you have a natural hardwood floor, off-white is excellent for keeping your kitchen looking balanced.

Off-white is usually more prevalent on kitchen walls. So these white paint colors are on one part of your kitchen to color other features (like chairs or countertops).

Color #3: Neutral Paint Colors (for Your Walls)

Neutral paint colors include some of that off-white but also have soft beige colors. These colors are among the warm white that act as a natural balancing act for your kitchen.

Neutral paint colors go well when combined with warmer cabinet colors (like the oak and mahogany example above). So when adding a bit of color or warmness to the kitchen, you need to have an area of brightness.

Color #4: Taupe (for Your Cabinets)

A combination of deep grey and beige creates a color combination called taupe. It originates back to the French usage of the word Mole, but it has expanded to its use of the deep brown color.

Today, taupe is a beautiful deep grey/brown color suitable for use in many environments. On cabinets, you can see their use blend in with a warm (but modern) kitchen.

Because warm and modern can be challenging to approach, taupe creates a unique opportunity. The next time you consider upgrading your kitchen, give taupe a chance.

Final Thoughts

During the cold winter months, creating a warm kitchen typically consists of decorations. With deep brown accents and the light use of rugs, you can make any kitchen to put off that warm fuzzy feeling.

For a permanent method to create a warm feeling, you should consider renovating and replacing your kitchen cabinets. Our team at Bertone Custom Cabinetry can help you make that warm kitchen a reality.

How To Save Money On Bathroom Renovations This Fall
How To Save Money On Bathroom Renovations This Fall

When it comes to any renovation project, it is easy to want the best. However, the budget doesn’t always allow for that, so you might have to make some sacrifices.

Thankfully, the most common reasons for expensive bathroom remodeling projects might surprise you. So to address these concerns, we have a few tips you can use to save money on your fall bathroom remodeling project.

Tip #1: Do Not Move Your Plumbing

A dream bathroom doesn’t mean you have to change everything. Moving any of your water lines can be incredibly expensive. So if you want to sacrifice something, moving your pipes might be priority number one.

Often, you’ll find that creative designs are able to incorporate what you want while maintaining the current plumbing structure. Keep this in mind during your remodeling process.

The same advice applies to electricity. Moving any utilities is always expensive.

Tip #2: Choose A Prefabricated Bathtub

Having custom tile and shower work might sound appealing, but it drives up the cost fast. An easy way to save money is by choosing pre-made bathtubs or showers.

These shower stalls are made for simple installation, allowing contractors to pop them in like a jigsaw. You can still choose to change the tile around the stalls, preventing you from paying extra for the custom work.

Tip #3: Resurface Over Replacement

The beauty of old furniture (and bathroom pieces) is that they still have a lot of life in them. Instead of concerning yourself with a complete replacement, consider resurfacing.

Resurfacing takes the outer coating of your bathroom vanities and cabinets. Replacing the paint or varnish is far less expensive than buying an entirely new vanity.

If you prefer a classic design, this might be more suitable for you. Otherwise, you can seek out reclaimed furniture.

Tip #4: Save The Walls

If you can, avoid taking down walls with any of your renovation projects. Many times, both load-bearing walls and drywall don’t need replacing. You can stick to adding a new coat of paint or tearing down the old wallpaper.

If you need to expand, you’ll want to be sure that the wall you want to take down isn’t holding your home up. If you want to take down these walls, you’ll need to replace them with beams.

Tip #5: Keep the Bathroom’s Shape

Any change of the bathroom layout will lead to a potential change in plumbing, electricity, or taken down walls. With this in mind, the best way you can follow most of these steps is by keeping the toilet, show, and storage where it currently is.

If the bathroom size and shape bugs you enough, you can take it down while maintaining plumbing and electricity in some cases. Just be sure to hire a contractor to check your options.

Final Thoughts

All of this is made possible through proper budgeting. Knowing your options and limitations is stage one of having a successful bathroom renovation.

To find out how a feasible budget for your bathroom renovation, contact us to get a quote run on your options.

Five Great Cabinet Design Ideas for Fall

The colors of Autumn are a wonderful thing. The combination of reds, oranges, and browns is beautiful. If you want to keep these colors all year round, you can add them to your kitchen.

A kitchen is an excellent place for warm colors to meet the fall feeling. If you want to get those warm colors in your kitchen, here are five design tips to give your kitchen a fall feeling.

Tip #1: Use Warm Fall Colors

The color of kitchen cabinets has excellent potential to be red. Certain woods (redwood in particular) has a natural hue that appeals to lovers of fall.

Deciding to repaint or stain your cabinets with a deeper red layer is another way you can save money. If you can combine this with hardwood floors, your kitchen will feel like stepping into a forest.

Tip #2: Rustic Farmhouse Designs

Choosing farmhouse-inspired cabinetry with a rustic twist makes you feel the nostalgia. Fall is a month that makes you feel warm and fuzzy feelings of the past.

Rustic designs and fall designs have a lot of good crossovers. Modern designs are tricky, so play around with some concepts until you find something you enjoy.

Tip #3: Mismatched Cabinets

Autumn has a certain amount of whimsy that includes a combination of striking colors. While orange is a color, you should avoid, various shades of brown work well together.

Mismatched cabinets are a recent trend you can find on Pinterest. The beauty of coppers, browns, and forest green colors are excellent choices.

Having two different color cabinets is an easy way to add custom flair to your home.

Tip #4: Copper Kitchen Elements

Copper is a unique choice among metals in a kitchen. This is a material you are more likely to find in your pipes. However, it isn’t out of the question to include them in other metals.

The color is more important than the material, as copper blends well with those deep, cozy brown colors. Coziness is an excellent representation of the spirit of fall.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget Your Fall Decorations!

If you want a cheaper way of making your kitchen ready for fall, think of decorations. Local craft stores are teaming with fall designs that you can use.

Here are a few unique ideas you can use to add the spirit of autumn to your room:

  • Lanterns are a unique way to hold your pumpkin-scented candles
  • Purchasing floor mats can remind you and your family of fall
  • Having wall mounted copper leaves decorate above your cabinets
  • Having unique fall-themed coffee cups can help

With any of these decorations, it is up to you to choose what you want. No judgment if you really like fall.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to bringing the spirit of Autumn inside, it doesn’t have to be seasonal. If you and your family enjoy the fall season enough, we can help you out.

Contact our team at Bertone Custom Cabinetry Inc to help your Fall-themed kitchen come true.

Five Different Types of Store Fixtures
Five Different Types of Store Fixtures

Depending on your retail environment, having a store fixture can mean something unique to you. When you have a specific type of fixture in the store, it’s hard to expand your mind to include other forms. First, it’s essential to define this: what is a store fixture?  

A store fixture is any furniture piece used to display products. These can be hooks, display cases, and even mannequins. If it shows your product, it is a store fixture.

Below, we will delve into five of the most popular forms of store fixture. With this article, you’ll have some ideas about what you can build in your store.

Five Forms of Store Fixture

Form #1: Display Cases

Display cases are some of the more popular forms of store fixture due to their ability to emphasize more expensive items. Display cases have the bonus of adding automatic security, providing a layer of glass between your product and would-be thieves.

Display cases are best for small items, but there are some exceptions to the rule with specialized designs. If you want to emphasize a single thing in your store, a display case is a good start.

 Form #2: Shelving

Shelving is perfect for products that are in bulk settings. If you sell grocery items, you are likely familiar with this form of display.

Shelving might be great for displaying large numbers of reasonably identical items. Still, they aren’t usually as good for individual products. It’s important to consider how you can make your shelving stand out if you plan on purchasing this form of store fixture.

Form #3: Gondolas

Gondolas are somewhat unique in their use in stores like Hallmark or to show you tasty pie. Still, there is some life in this old-fashioned form of display.

Gondolas have a great way of showing numerous products on a slowly moving carousel. If one product doesn’t appeal to the viewer, the following product might have some chance. If you have a wide variety of exciting items to display, gondolas might be an excellent investment.

Form #4: Clothing Racks

A clothing rack comes in two forms: freestanding or wall-mounted.

Freestanding racks are those that need no support beyond themselves. They are typically in a circular formation, enabling the customer to walk around it to see if they can find something they like. More boxy forms of clothing racks are also common.

Wall-mounted clothing racks are more common in stores with less space. In this situation, putting a hook on the wall is a one-and-done scenario, so be sure you like its location.

Form #5: Signage

 When you think of store fixtures, you don’t think much of the signs. However, those can be incredibly important when announcing promotions and events associated with your store.

The creation of signs can be pretty expensive, depending on how much you are willing to invest. In most cases, simple plastic signs mounted on wood racks can be enough to catch an eye.

Wrap Up

When it comes to good store fixtures, it’s essential to be practical and creative. If you need help making your vision of store fixtures a reality, contact our team of specialists to help you out.