5 Popular Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Your Home


Finally, you have the home of your dreams and it is time for renovation! Know the latest and most popular kitchen renovation ideas for this year. From smart kitchens to a more minimalist approach, there is bound to be an exciting idea perfect for you. Smart Sensors Add Convenience Welcome to the 21st century where […]

Top Wood Choices for Cabinets

There are so many choices for wood cabinets, that it can be a little overwhelming to find a starting point. You need to consider the natural characteristics of the wood, as well as your own considerations, and preferences. Cherry Wood Cabinets Cherry wood is a popular cabinet choice for so many reasons. It’s generally characterized […]

What You Can Expect Working With Bertone Woodworking

Bertone Woodworking is the top custom cabinetry and kitchen contractor in the Greater Toronto Area.  We know that the kitchen is the key, central part of your home – and that it requires the extra special care and attention that such an important part of your home, to boot! We take this philosophy seriously, and […]

How Our Custom Cabinetry Is Made

How Our Custom Cabinetry Is Made

At Bertone Woodworking, we’re proud of our long history with woodworking and custom cabinetry.  Quality is our watchword; from simple custom cabinets for basic kitchen renovations to complex, intricate vanities or store fixtures, we create any and all custom woodworking you could possibly want for your home or business. Our attention to detail, expert craftsmanship […]

Some of the Most Important Questions to Ask Before Ordering Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re in the process of planning for a kitchen renovation, kitchen cabinets are undoubtedly one of the aspects that you’ve been thinking about heavily given their importance and presence in the room’s design. And if you’ve decided to invest a little extra and go for custom kitchen cabinets rather than prefabricated cabinets, there are […]

Built In Cabinets: A Look at Their Unique Benefits

Every single house or apartment in Markham and Scarborough needs cabinets otherwise our homes would be utterly chaotic, but there’s more than a single way of implementing them. In addition to the standalone units you see in big box stores, built in cabinets are an option and one that has been taken very seriously by […]

Five Reasons to Invest in Custom Cabinets in Markham, Pickering & Scarborough

For many years, kitchen cabinets were regarded as simply a necessity. They served no purpose other than to store items. However, with kitchens being utilized more and more as an area to spend time, socialize and perhaps enjoy family meals, kitchens have evolved into a space that is both attractive and welcoming. Just like any […]

Five Benefits of Replacing Your Bathroom Cabinets in Markham, Pickering & Scarborough

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, the number of items stored in there such as bottles, towels and other personal items can make the space look cluttered and untidy. An increasing number of homeowners are choosing to take advantage of bathroom cabinets to resolve this problem. Not only does bathroom furniture provide extra storage […]