How To Save Money On Bathroom Renovations This Fall

How To Save Money On Bathroom Renovations This Fall

When it comes to any renovation project, it is easy to want the best. However, the budget doesn’t always allow for that, so you might have to make some sacrifices. Thankfully, the most common reasons for expensive bathroom remodeling projects might surprise you. So to address these concerns, we have a few tips you can […]

What is the Best Bathroom Vanity for 2019?


Choose the perfect bathroom vanity for your home from these top trending vanities for 2019. Whether you want a double or single sink faucet, want something customizable and spacious, or need to make the most of your smaller urban space, consider these popular choices. Choosing a new vanity can be a daunting task. Find the […]

Why Bathroom Vanity Sizes Matter


Give considerable attention to your bathroom layout and finish. Your bathroom remodel costs are linked with some key dimensions and common fixture sizes like bathroom vanities. Whether you have a spacious bathroom or an intimate space, create a unique design for your home. Why Bathroom Vanity Sizes Matter Why should you care about the size […]

How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

No matter if you have a spacious, luxurious bathroom or a quaint, compact one, your choice of bathroom vanity is very important.  It’s a major piece of bathroom hardware, and its features and aesthetics will help control both how you use your room and how it feels to be in it.  Vanities come in a […]

Bathroom Vanities Markham

Watch Out for These Common Mistakes When Buying Bathroom Vanities Markham Bathroom vanities are an integral part of any bathroom design and it’s essential that you make a good choice when having yours replaced. Contributing to the room in both an aesthetic and a practical sense, they are heavily utilized on a day to day […]