Top Bathroom Trends for 2022


It’s time to update your bathroom. Skip out on minimalism and embrace a new love of textures, unique materials, and elegance. This year’s hottest trends will transform a boring bathroom into an inner oasis where you can relax. So find the best bathroom remodelers in the GTA and get ready to innovate.  Top Bathroom Texture […]

4 Luxury Bathroom Ideas You Will LOVE


Ready to remodel your bathroom? Time for some serious luxury inspiration. From custom bathroom vanity lights to a gorgeous stone bathtub, discover how you can transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Create the master bathroom of your dreams. Prioritize Comfort and Relaxation You deserve a comfortable oasis after the stress of every day. Soothing […]

What is the Best Bathroom Vanity for 2019?


Choose the perfect bathroom vanity for your home from these top trending vanities for 2019. Whether you want a double or single sink faucet, want something customizable and spacious, or need to make the most of your smaller urban space, consider these popular choices. Choosing a new vanity can be a daunting task. Find the […]

Why Bathroom Vanity Sizes Matter


Give considerable attention to your bathroom layout and finish. Your bathroom remodel costs are linked with some key dimensions and common fixture sizes like bathroom vanities. Whether you have a spacious bathroom or an intimate space, create a unique design for your home. Why Bathroom Vanity Sizes Matter Why should you care about the size […]

Design Your Own Dream Bathroom in 4 Simple Steps


Simple natural bathroom design can be an oasis of well-being. Relax and regenerate in your own peaceful escape. There are many steps to designing your dream bathroom, from selecting the right bathroom vanities and cabinets to installing light fixtures and the right accents. Follow these simple steps to create your own ideal bathroom space. Design […]

3 Secrets: How to use Modern Custom Cabinetry in Your Home


Home design trends are constantly changing. Custom cabinetry remains one of the most popular ways to create a unique look in your home at an affordable cost. From modern bathroom vanities to custom pantries, open up space and create a beautiful design with cabinets engineered with you in mind. Let’s look at some of the […]