What is Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design in 2023?


Transform your kitchen into a stunning space with these unique and distinctive modern kitchen cabinet design ideas! Say goodbye to dull and dated kitchen cabinets and give your room an instant style refresh with new kitchen cabinet colour trends. From sleek and minimalist to cool and contemporary, these designs will elevate your kitchen with a […]

How to Find Quality Cabinets for Your Traditional Kitchen


For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And it’s where you spend most of your day. So why shouldn’t it be beautiful? Traditional kitchens, with the use of natural wood and elements and traditional kitchen pantry cabinet design, are still the preferred style on many new buyer’s lists. These styles can […]

6 Gorgeous Kitchen Layout Ideas


Be inspired to reinvent your kitchen. From open concept cabinets in your kitchen to luxurious double kitchen islands, discover the layout that meets your needs. You deserve a space that is both functional and beautiful. Cabinets in the kitchen don’t need to be traditional and boring. Think innovation. The kitchen is for more than food […]

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2022 


Ready to remodel your outdated kitchen? The newest kitchen trends in 2022 bring back some popular styles from the past like Minimalism but also have some new ideas like the statement island. When you reinvent your kitchen, you want to choose trends that last. Time to be inspired.   The Statement Island  This new trend combines […]

How to Reinvent Your Small Kitchen


Are you tired of your cramped kitchen? Reinvent your tiny kitchen space with these upcoming trends. When you think about home improvement and kitchen remodelling, think beyond painting and replacing appliances. You want to transform the space into something functional and aesthetically pleasing. Check out these incredible design trends for 2022.  Innovative Spacious Storage Solutions  […]

Are Oak Cabinets Coming Back?


Many homeowners find planning a kitchen remodel difficult. Why? With so many decisions, homeowners may not know which newest kitchen trends fit their lifestyle best or which materials work well together in the kitchen. Trends change rapidly. However, all styles come back at some point. Oak kitchen cabinets are definitely making a comeback.  The Warmth […]

Investing Wisely in Your Dream Kitchen


Invest in a new kitchen remodel this year. A new kitchen both increases your home value and improves the quality of your life. Believe it or not, little changes like a new kitchen island, sleek new cabinets with drawers, and a butler’s pantry add incredible functionality to your home. And if you want to consider […]

Face-Frame or Frameless Kitchen Cabinets?


­Are you getting ready for a new kitchen remodel? What type of cabinets will be perfect for your home? Whether you have white kitchen cabinets or opt for frameless cabinets in bold red, find the right design for you. What is a frameless kitchen cabinet? In decades past cabinets often had a similar design. We […]

Kitchen Cabinets: Refinish, Resurface, or Replace?


Your kitchen cabinets have a very important role in your kitchen. Besides providing beautiful aesthetics in your home, you use your cabinets for the storage of dishes, spices, vitamins, pots, and pans. Are your cabinets functional? Or are they outdated or broken? A kitchen with cabinets customized to fit your needs and style will bring […]

5 Dreamiest Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2020


While simple all-white cabinets and counters will have a classic hold on our kitchen design, don’t feel like you need to hold on tradition. Try these new exciting ideas for kitchen cabinets and your home in 2020. Going Marble Quartz has become a favorite option for your countertops. While Carrara marble remains a favorite, you […]