What are popular kitchen colors for 2022?


The last two years have taxed us all. Embrace fun and vibrant living with exciting kitchen designs of 2022. What colours are the hottest this year? Our design team put together a list for you. You deserve an exciting kitchen space. The kitchen often serves as the heart of your home. Make it a welcome […]

What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

Going through a complete kitchen remodel is an excellent way of improving your household. It increases home value, provides your home a “breath of fresh air” feeling, and allows you to make a home truly yours. The euphoria of going through this process wears off when you realize the cost is way over whatever increase […]

3 Dreamy Luxury Kitchens for 2020

Ready to do the ultimate kitchen renovation? This year homeowners have longed for a return to the past, but with a 21st-century flair. What are the dream kitchen remodels for 2020? Discover the perfect luxury kitchen for you! The Butler’s Pantry One of the biggest additions to luxury kitchens this year is the butler’s pantry. Many […]

6 Gorgeous Custom Luxury Kitchen Ideas for 2020

You deserve a gorgeous luxury kitchen in your home. After a long day at work, enjoy the beauty of custom kitchen islands, innovative lighting, and high tech functionality. Here are just a few of the hottest luxury kitchen trends for 2020. Enjoy a new kitchen for a lifetime. Quartzite You want aesthetic beauty and durability […]

5 Dreamiest Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2020


While simple all-white cabinets and counters will have a classic hold on our kitchen design, don’t feel like you need to hold on tradition. Try these new exciting ideas for kitchen cabinets and your home in 2020. Going Marble Quartz has become a favorite option for your countertops. While Carrara marble remains a favorite, you […]

How Much Are Cabinets for the Kitchen?


Your kitchen cabinets design the overall aesthetic style and utility of your kitchen. A dated difficult design can make meal-prepping and entertaining difficult. Installing new kitchen cabinet doors, an island, and redesigning the entire layout are some ways to truly boost the appeal of your home and increase overall usability. How Much Does a Kitchen […]

What material is used for kitchen cabinets?


Enjoy a broad range of exciting kitchen cabinet materials. From oak and hard maple to particle board or stainless steel, find the right material for ideal kitchen home interior design. Below are some of the most popular materials for kitchen cabinet design. Hardwood and Softwood Materials Enjoy a wide range of natural materials when designing […]

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?


Kitchen remodels are very popular for new homeowners. Home remodeling allows a homeowner to truly take a house and make it into their own unique home. Even seasoned homeowners find that over time a kitchen needs new functionality and updates. But what are the costs associated with kitchen remodels? How can you calculate these costs? […]

3 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid


Everyone homeowner renovates their home periodically. Whether it’s an upgrade to the appliances or a brand new kitchen renovation, avoid common design and remodeling mistakes as you design the kitchen of your dreams. Don’t Forget Workflow! Before you start to knock down walls and purchase new cabinets, be sure that your new design fits with your […]

4 Things You Must Know About Custom Kitchen Cabinets


Choosing the right custom kitchen cabinets for your home is an important decision. Before beginning any renovation, it is important to know these key facts about cabinet installation. The Important of the Layout Before you purchase your custom kitchen cabinets, be sure that you have the layout that you need. Think of both the practical […]