What Cabinets Work for a Kitchen Island?

What Cabinets Work for a Kitchen Island?

A kitchen island is an excellent way to provide you much-needed storage for the center of your kitchen. But if you want to get something beyond a wheeled cart, you will make some design decisions. One of those decisions goes back to the size and design choice of the cabinets. What cabinets work for a […]

What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

Going through a complete kitchen remodel is an excellent way of improving your household. It increases home value, provides your home a “breath of fresh air” feeling, and allows you to make a home truly yours. The euphoria of going through this process wears off when you realize the cost is way over whatever increase […]

What is a Cheaper Alternative to Granite Countertops?

What is a Cheaper Alternative to Granite Countertops?

When looking for alternatives to granite countertops, you may be a bit picky when trying to find an adequate replacement. The idea of picking something of a similar style during your kitchen remodel can be a difficult task. To address this concern, we’ve taken some of the leg work out of it for you. In […]

Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Worksheet 2021


When designing your exciting new kitchen remodel, keep this handy remodel worksheet handy. Why do you need this worksheet? Unbelievably, you will make hundreds of decisions for your new kitchen. Having a handy place to write down whether you wanted bright red painted kitchen cabinets or a subtle dark wood finish helps you keep focused. […]

3 Dreamy Luxury Kitchens for 2020

Ready to do the ultimate kitchen renovation? This year homeowners have longed for a return to the past, but with a 21st-century flair. What are the dream kitchen remodels for 2020? Discover the perfect luxury kitchen for you! The Butler’s Pantry One of the biggest additions to luxury kitchens this year is the butler’s pantry. Many […]

What is the Top Trending Kitchen Layout Design in 2020


From bold backsplashes to custom cabinetry, today’s kitchen designs are full of innovation and bold looks. What are the top trends for 2020? Let’s check out the hottest kitchen designs you will absolutely love this year. Amazing Marble Marble speaks of luxury and an artistic aesthetic that is unmatched. Whether you opt for a marble […]

Kitchen Cabinets: Refinish, Resurface, or Replace?


Your kitchen cabinets have a very important role in your kitchen. Besides providing beautiful aesthetics in your home, you use your cabinets for the storage of dishes, spices, vitamins, pots, and pans. Are your cabinets functional? Or are they outdated or broken? A kitchen with cabinets customized to fit your needs and style will bring […]

20 Game Changing Kitchen Renovation Ideas!


Looking forward to remodeling your kitchen? Reimagine your space. Whether you plan on replacing your kitchen cabinets, installing a new island, or opt for painting of kitchen cabinets in bold colors, be sure to prioritize your needs. You want your new kitchen to provide both function and aesthetic beauty. Check out these top game-changing renovation […]

5 Ways to Reinvent Your Kitchen


Need more space and functionality in your kitchen? Need to know how to renovate a house on a budget? Check out these great ways to reinvent your kitchen. Updating your kitchen doesn’t need to be difficult or give you a headache. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Create the kitchen of your dreams […]

How Much Are Cabinets for the Kitchen?


Your kitchen cabinets design the overall aesthetic style and utility of your kitchen. A dated difficult design can make meal-prepping and entertaining difficult. Installing new kitchen cabinet doors, an island, and redesigning the entire layout are some ways to truly boost the appeal of your home and increase overall usability. How Much Does a Kitchen […]